Praise and Prayer Requests

Please consider praying to God for his guidance and blessings for our current and future mission projects

  • Praise God that the Neurotech Foundation received 501(c)3 status.
  • Praise God for the amount of Neurotech EEG Techs and outside Neurologist who want to volunteer in this specific projects.
  • Prayer request for new EEG students starting in 2023 in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Pakistan, Crete, and Antigua.
  • Prayer request for the recent Neurotech EEG Institute graduates to continue studies to take EEG boards and to help find funding for their exam fees.
  • Prayer request for Uganda EEG Training mission trip in March to start building Epilepsy and inpatient EEG monitoring.
  • Prayer to get enough EEG machines to the countries that need them: Tanzania, Pakistan, and Uganda.
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